Safety Products

Morton Safety is the #1 provider of safety products in the Fox Valley!

We carry the most comprehensive selection to keep you safe on the job. We specialize and stock everything from Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, Ear Plugs, Respirators, Fall Protection, Work Gloves, Heat Stress, Safety Clothing, Ergonomics, Warming Products, and much more! Whether you’re looking for one item or to outfit your entire crew, we have you covered!

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At Morton Safety we have more than 6000 items in stock waiting to be ordered by you!

Our dedicated sales team has the knowledge and can get you the right product when you need it. We offer a wide variety of safety items to suit your needs. The Safety Industry is always changing and we offer the live support to get you the updated product info you need. We strive to offer the best products on the market for the best possible deal.

Some of the safety items we stock are:

  • Hard hats
  • Ear plugs
  • Safety glasses
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fall protection
  • Gas detection
  • Hair nets and beard nets
  • Over shoes and shoe covers
  • Disposable gloves (nitrile, vinyl, latex, poly, hybrids)
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • Leather gloves
  • Cold weather gear
  • Hi-visibility wear
  • Heat stress wear
  • Heat stress drink additives
  • Spill cleanup supplies
  • First aid kit supplies & service

With our vast vendor network we have the supply lines to get you exactly what you want and when you need it.